(Specifically founded for Covid Social distancing)
Hey folks, ASHAM has an exciting new TOUR is coming your way!
Some exciting exhibition games have been played. And it has been determined that 8 ROCKS/SIX ENDS will be the format and 32 teams modified double knockout. $200 entry fee per player and as you can see in the draw attached, we have a junior MEN'S & WOMEN'S section and a Women’s section. So, in other words, the juniors will qualify one out of A and one out of B and they will play each other first game of the Championship, and the same thing for the women with each section guaranteed to have one player in the semi. They would then play the two men semifinalists and the winners reach the final.
Morris Curling Club will host the first event Friday, November 20th starting at 6PM and November 21st and 22nd all day and the semis and finals Monday evening. It is designed to miss as little work and school as possible.
Furthermore, we plan to have each province declare a winner and then a championship in the spring. The winner of that will represent Canada in the WORLD SERIES of CURLING against the European Champion in the spring and at a location to be announced. If this really gets off the ground the World series may be bigger to accommodate an Asian pacific Champion etc. I have also attached that LOGO and the Canadian Championship Logo just out of interest. They are temporary LOGOS and can be changed If anyone has better ideas or want to submit an appropriate logo then please do.
5. Staggered starts so as the next sheet is playing opposite own side of the center throughout the whole game.survey to suggest changes especially comment on the new rules. Hammer 1st or fourth etc. and a rock touching center line in free guard zone, hitting with 50% of the rocks.
Happy Safe Curling
President ASHAM Curling, Founder WCPA, Co-founder WCT, Founder of the University Championships
COIVD Protocol
1. Can arrive at the club dressed for on-ice performance.
2. Sanitize your own rocks before and after the game.
3. Masks ARE mandatory in the club but ALSO during play.
4. See rules regarding split sheets Each player remains on their own side of the center throughout the whole game.5. Staggered starts so as the next sheet is playing opposite ends.
6. No sweeping.
7. Players are not allowed past the opposite hog line unless it's to help the spotter stop a peel when two rocks may hit the boards at the same time and interfere with rocks in play.
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