Equipment Accessories


Model: 236-04


Sure Shot Curling Stick

Primary used is an aid for Stick Curling, either from the standing or sitting position.  The barrel or head of the stick goes around the handle of the curling rock.

The handle is a durable aluminum telescoping handle and can adjust approximately 3 - 5 feet. 

When compacted to [...]


Asham Edge Slider

The Asham Edge broom slider attaches to your curling broom handle by way of Velcro. Easily removed between shots.


Delivery Curling Combo Broom

No need to have a delivery stick and a curling broom. The Delivery Curling Broom Combo allows you to have both a delivery stick and a broom in one. 

Sweep with the brush when your skip yells sweep and then simply flip the broom over and throw your rock when it is your turn to [...]


Rockwatcher Stopwatch


Custom Designed Angled Display, Slim Narrow profile 3 Interval Timer and Recall Memory Accuracy Tested to 1/100th seconds Large Digit Holographic Display 3v Lithium Battery Shock Resistant, Narrow Profile and Lightweight Design Audible Beep, On / Off Control Timer [...]


Asham Delivery Stick

The Asham Delivery Stick comes with a fiberglass handle, fits easily over the top of the rock handle and allows for easy release.


Asham Delivery Stick End

Asham Delivery End attaches to any standard handle to convert it to a delivery stick.


Asham Stopwatch

This Asham stopwatch is easy to use, with sharp display and split times.

Features large buttons, can be used without removing gloves                              Polycarbonate face, high visibility does not fog up                                           Extra long cord [...]


Asham Sliding Crutch

Available with a replaceable pad for cleaning the rock Keeps shoulders level and square Increases balance and stability during delivery Enhances consistency of delivery Comfortable foam hand grip