Equipment Accessories

Asham Edge Slider

The Asham Edge broom slider attaches to your curling broom handle by way of Velcro. Easily removed between shots.


Rockwatcher Stopwatch


Custom Designed Angled Display, Slim Narrow profile 3 Interval Timer and Recall Memory Accuracy Tested to 1/100th seconds Large Digit Holographic Display 3v Lithium Battery Shock Resistant, Narrow Profile and Lightweight Design Audible Beep, On / Off Control Timer [...]


Asham Delivery Stick

The Asham Delivery Stick comes with a fiberglass handle, fits easily over the top of the rock handle and allows for easy release.


Asham Delivery Stick End

Asham Delivery End attaches to any standard handle to convert it to a delivery stick.


Asham Stopwatch - ON BACK ORDER

This Asham stopwatch is easy to use, with sharp display and split times.

Features large buttons, can be used without removing gloves                              Polycarbonate face, high visibility does not fog up                                           Extra long [...]


Asham Sliding Crutch - ON BACK ORDER

Available with a replaceable pad for cleaning the rock Keeps shoulders level and square Increases balance and stability during delivery Enhances consistency of delivery Comfortable foam hand grip



Corn Broom

Corn Broom with inverted corn Fiber, 1-1/8" handle. Great for tuck delivery as a a sliding device.


Ailsa Goes Curling With Grani-Te

Join Ailsa and her new friends as they learn about curling from Grani-Te.

Large format board book in the shape of a curling stone.

Fun and Colorful Beautifully illustrated by McCal Joy

Written by Hack Pebbler


Ailsa and her new friends learn the [...]


Kevin Martin Curling



Kevin Martin Curling

Instructional DVD is now available! This DVD includes Delivery and Brushing Technique, Drills and Curling Strategy.

Drills: An important part of any successful curling team is the time spent on the ice during practice. From beginner to [...]


Pad Cleaning Brush

Mix water and a small amount of mild dish detergent to clean your synthetic pad or use the brush dry during the game to remove debris from your pad.

Available in black, lime green, or pink.