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Fiberglass Handle

Asham Fiberglass handles use pulltrusion tube forming of continuous long fiberglass and epoxy resin to obtain economical high strength to weight characteristics.

The 1" and the 1-1/8" Fiberglass handle fit both Asham and Performance heads.

Heads sold separately.

Weight handle [...]


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Composite Easy Lite handle

Asham Composite handles are made with the same table-rolled carbon fiber layup techniques of professional hockey sticks and a composite blend of both carbon fiber sheet and lightweight fiberglass.


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Carbon Fiber Handle

Now even lighter!

Using the lates in Ultra Lite Carbon Fiber technology, Asham brings you the Asham Carbon One broom. Made from table-roled 3K and UD high modulus Carbon Fiber which cuts weight without comprimising strength and durability. The tapered internal wall decereasses [...]


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Ultra Lite Taper Grip Handle

Using the latest in Ultra Lite Carbon Fiber technology Asham brings you the Asham Ultra Lite handle.

Asham Carbon Fiber handles are made from table-rolled 3K and UD high modulus carbon fiber which cuts weight without compromising strength and durability.

Tapered internal wall [...]


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Sweep with more power for longer with less risk of injury using the revolutionary XTREME FORCE HANDLE

  • The hand grips allow you to exert 10-20% more power on the push stroke and up to 40% more power on the pull stroke by allowing you to use more of your body weight, pushing [...]


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