Novelty Items

Curling Rock Ornament

A Display your love of the game with the Curling Rock Ornament.  Hang on your tree, from your mirror or location of your choice.  Lightweight and fun.

Available in red, blue, yellow, and pink


Clay Earrings

Designed and created by Crouse's Clay. Jennifer Crouse has been an valued member of Team Asham and we are happy to share her creations with you.

Curling Rock Clay earrings with surgical stainless steel posts. 

Manitoba Tartan drop earrings have sterling silver hooks.


Crib Board

Content includes 3 sets of coloured pegs and 1 deck of cards.  Easy to fold for convenient storage.  


Curling Rock Ice Bucket

This actual size plastic curling rock ice bucket looks great on any curlers bar.  Twist off lid.

Colours:  Red, Yellow or Blue


Graphic Socks

Sock it to the competition or just stand out from the crowd with these funky curling themed socks. Fun, colorful, comfy and cool these socks will give your feet and your sock drawer some style. 

Sizes: S/M or M/L


Blow Up Curling Rock Hat

Bring the fun to your next event by sporting this Blow Up Curling Rock Hat. Made with three molds to mimic the shape of the curling rock this Blow Up Curling Rock Hat allows you to show your curling spirit in a big way! 


Curling Rock Cake Mold Silicone

This mold can be used for all sorts of food fun! Fill it with jello, chocolate, or rice crispies! Use it to bake brownies, cake, or bread! Let your creativity run wild!

Cake baking guidelines:

Place a pan under mold for support Coat mold with cooking spray Do not fill [...]


Curling Rock Cookie Cutter

Great gift for your avid baker! Bake some cookies in time for the next curling game.  Metal cutter with easy handle for removal from the dough.


2021 Curling Cares Calendar

The 2021 Curling Cares Calendar is a special edition for a special time. For the first time ever, the "Men of Curling" appear with the "Women of Curling: in the same calendar, and the participants are made up of individual athletes, curling couples, siblings, mixed doubles [...]


Ailsa Goes Curling With Grani-Te

Join Ailsa and her new friends as they learn about curling from Grani-Te.

Large format board book in the shape of a curling stone.

Fun and Colorful Beautifully illustrated by McCal Joy

Written by Hack Pebbler


Ailsa and her new friends learn the [...]