Pads & Hair Heads

OV PRO Replacement Pad

Fits all traditional Oval curling broom heads

WCF Approved for all WCF events

Marked with WCF approval code


OV2 Replacement Pad

The OV2 pad is designed to be water resistant and provide greater sweeping efficiency with less energy through reduced resistance while polishing the pebble.

Fits Asham V2 or Performance style brooms.


GV2 Replacement Pad

The GV2 pad is the evolution of our Grooved pad.

Water resistant Provides greater sweeping effiency with less energy through reduced resistance while polishing the pebble.


TX Performance Pad

The New TX Pad

Very durable, best on the market. Extremely water proof fabric Not too agressive, it won't affect the ice surface.


Performance Attachment with Pad

Performance attachment head and pad.


Asham 8" Horsehair Head



 pure horse hair, trimmed in a wedge cut, hair length in the centre is 1.75"  block length 7.5" , width 2.5"  fits the Asham adjustable attachment or the transformer connector.  each head comes with two new knobs.


Asham Oval Pad

This synthetic oval pad attaches to the pad by way of Velcro for easy and economical replacement.


Asham Rectangular Pad

Traditional synthetic pad.


Asham Circular Pad

This pad was designed with the theory that the rock follows the sweeping path. With the circular pad you can create a narrower slide path with smaller strokes.


Asham Boomerang Pad

This revolutionary pad allows the sweeper to get closer to the rock and moves the dirt to the sides. The front of the boomerang pad is the same shape as the back so the brooms can actually fit together with the other sweeper.