Product Innovation


Asham's RDS Technology

Obviously for flatfoots turning the foot outward during delivery would tend to cause a drift in the direction the foot is turned. Also sliding up and down the ice between throws and during practice with the foot pointing forward, creates tiny scratches lengthways on the slider. The material from the scratches forms a small ridge along the edge of the scratch. Again turning the foot outward during delivery would cause a drift. Players do adjust and compensate for this drift. 

Asham research and development team have been working on this unique problem and have engineered a shoe with two patented circles on the sole. The circumference of a circle has equal resistance on all sides and therefore, has a tendency to slide straight. In addition, we have attached these circles with Velcro in order to solve the second problem. When the slider becomes scratched after use it can easily be turned and positioned to produce the straightest sliding path. 

The circles have also been designed larger than the sole with stabilizing bars from the outer unit sole supporting the full circumference of the sliding circles thus producing the most stable straight sliding shoe the world has ever seen.

Furthermore, this new invention is absolutely wonderful for our customers all over the world as they can now visit any of our outlets or Asham dealers and custom make their own shoes in the store regardless if they are right or left handed, flat foot, toe, or tuck slide, and you can use our hard chromed stainless steel, thick Teflon, medium Teflon, regular Teflon or red brick with a simple switch of a disk on our new Velcro sole.

This ingenious invention by Asham will again revolutionize the market. "If you are considering buying new curling shoes you MUST at least consider the rotator sole" says world renowned curling entrepreneur Arnold Asham "because if you don't you may be looking at it again a year or two down the road, because there is no doubt in my mind it is the sole of the future".

The NEW Asham Wedge, Hinged Sliders & The Toe Wedge

Now we have Rear Wedge inserts to raise the back heel, just pull your slider disk off, attach the Rear Wedge to the Velcro and put the slider back on. They come in 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses. Al Hackner called it the sweet spot where the heel comes off the ice, former world champion Rick Folk, Ed Werenick, Kevin Martin and Wayne Middaugh all lean forward with their heel off the ice. The Rear Wedge will get you to the optimal delivery position without lifting your heel. Call us for more details about the NEW Asham Rear Wedge.

  • Toe Dip The Toe Dip is a plastic coating applied to the trailing foot to reduce drag. Depending on how your trailing foot contacts the ice during delivery you may find the toe dip improves the feel and speed of your delivery. Asham's toe dip material is flexible and will not make the toe of your trailing foot too hard which can contribute to drifting. IF you would like the toe of your shoe made stiffer with the toe dip just request a double dip in the comments field of your order. The Toe Dip is not easy to remove once it is applied.
  • Lace CoverThe Lace Cover is a Teflon® material that is sewn to the tongue of your curling shoe to cover the laces to reduce drag. Some Asham shoes such as the Slam and the Competitor have built in Lace leather Covers.
  • Toe WedgeThe Toe Wedge is a piece of Teflon® material that is applied to the toe of the Rotator Sole for toe or tuck sliders. Not all toe or tuck sliders will require the Toe Wedge. Free of charge on the RDS.
  • Hinge SliderThe Hinge Slider is a split in the slider at about the halfway point of the sole to allow for bend. The Hinge Slider is good for tuck or toe sliders using 1/4" Teflon®. Free of charge on shoes with full sliders.

Tips to Testing New Shoes

When testing new shoes it is always good to test the sliding foot and the trailing foot separately so you know what both shoes are doing for you. You can test the new sliding foot with the old trailing foot to determine how the slider foot is performing, then test the new trailing foot with the old sliding foot to find out how the new trailing foot feels.This will give you a better idea of what both shoes are doing.  

Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Shoes

  • To avoid premature wear to the material on the side of your shoes, move and stop the rock with your broom or your foot.
  • Avoid leaving your shoes in your vehicle.

Curling Broom Revolution

Asham has revolutionized curling shoes with the Ultra Lite Asham Rotator Velcro slider disk system, you can actually build your own slider right in the store: Red Brick, Asham white, stainless steel, right or left handed, half sliders and so on.

Now we are doing the same with brooms. Build your own broom right in the store. Traditional rectangular heads, circular heads, boomerang shaped heads, grooved pads or flat synthetic heads with adjustable attachments or rotator attachments.

The concept of our broom line is truly unique. Asham has gone the extra effort and expense to create a new line like nothing else on the market. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring new ideas to the market and will continue our mission to be the leader in curling equipment innovation.

Our boomerang broom is designed to get both sweepers closer to the rock. It accomplishes this because the front of the boomerang head is the same shape as the back so the brooms can actually fit together with the other sweeper to get both sweepers as close to the rock as possible. The head is also shaped to move dirt to the sides. The flat edge makes for a great sliding surface. There is nothing else like it on the market!

The Circular head system is designed with the theory that the rock follows the sweeping path. The Circular pad is 5.5" in diameter which is the same size as the rock's running surface. With the Circular head you can create a narrower slide path with smaller strokes making corner sweeping much more effective.


Grooved pads

When sweeping on frosty or fresh ice you will notice there is snow or frost around the outside edge of your brush pad. Obviously it is the edges picking up frost. This grooved pad is designed to have more edges to pick up more frost and will therefore be more effective on frosty ice.                

Asham may revolutionize curling brooms again! Watch for Asham's new patented technology coming soon!!