Testimonials - Randy Ferbey

Over my 30 year career including 6 Canadian and 4 world championships Asham products have proven to provide me the consistency I need to be at that top of my game.


Team Ferbey

Asham not only makes innovative quality curling equipment, their steady efforts contribute to the advancement of curling, and more broadly, sport for Canadians.

Cheryl Bernard - Team Bernard

Asham's support of the Danish Curling Association goes beyond promoting their product, their support helps grow the sport of curling in Denmark.

Team Denmark

Thanks for everything you do for Team Gushue. I don't know if you realize how important you are to our success but rest assured, your generosity in supplying quality equipment allows the guys to concentrate on competing at a high level. We often sing the praises of Asham Curling Supplies and will continue to do so.

On behalf of Team Gushue, Thanks!

Team Gushue

I can't say enough about Asham and the quality of their products.

I have never worn anything but Asham shoes.

Jennifer Jones - Team Jones

Put another check mark beside an Asham product. The Rotator sole, the Asham Ultra-Lite shoes, now the Ring Disk, you can't go wrong with Asham products. Always the leader in the game, this new Ring Disk has me sliding down the target line better than anything else I have ever used!

Jeff Stoughton
John Mead

Just when I thought I had my Asham Slam shoes exactly where I wanted them, out comes Asham's new Ring Disk. I aways give Asham's new ideas a try, because so many have offered me such vast improvement. But I didn't think I could improve on what I already had worked out with my Slam's.

But from the first slide, I knew this new Ring Disk was a winner. So straight and balanced. And the speed was perfect. i couldn't believe how much straighter this slider was from my current set-up, especially since I was already so happy.

That is one of the best things about Asham's Slam shoes. With the Velcro attaching system, you can throw on a new disk in a matter of seconds. Who else can offer that? You just can't beat it.

This slider is so straight, so good, it's almost like cheating. To those out there who don't want to make the game easier, please don't try it.

Especially if we are playing in the same event next week!

Jon Mead

The support of Asham Curling Supplies has been integral in the succes of our team. Having access to the best curling supplies available has helped us raise our game to the next level. Asham is a key partner to the suport of curling as a whole, driven by their passion for innovation and quality, as well as their involvement in, and support of, the curling community - at everything from the grassroots level to the World Curling Tour. We truly appreciate everything that Asham has done for our team and for the game we love.

Chelsea Carey

For decades, Asham has been the leader in curling supplies! That's why Team Thurston uses all Asham products, from brooms to shoes to curling pants. We believe it gives us an edge over our competition! If you want to be a winner you need to use winniing products!

Jill Thurston

I have been wearing Asham Curling shoes for over 31 years, and the level of comfort and stability is second to none. Arnold Asham is constantly developing new shoes to help curlers be the best that they can be. I wouldn't wear anything else.

Janet Harvey
Rob Fowler

I switched to Asham Shoes from Dack's 5 year ago and never looked back.  The Asham shoe is top quality and the Asham Ringer Disk is the best slider in curling

Rob Fowler
Cathy O SM

I've been an Asham product user since I was 13. The products from shoes to mitts have been an integral contributor to my curling achievements, As curlers we are very lucky to have someone with Arnolds entrepreneurial spirit let alone his love and dedication to our sport and performance enhancing equipment.

Cathy Overton-Clapham